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Optimise Wellness as you age with Grace Gawler & Pip Cornall

Aging Well for Seniors – (55 plus)

Congratulations, on becoming an elder. You have experienced so much in your life journey. This qualifies you to make significant contributions to yourself, your family and society.

You are never too old to adopt new helpful health habits. Your grandchildren will appreciate a more vibrant you.

Aging brings challenges however you may be stronger and more resilient than you realise.

With a little guidance from our team at 55plus Wellness, you can take charge and learn to age well.

Scientific breakthroughs in gene analysis can help you age wisely!

Grace Gawler says, “Our science & wisdom based approach can help you minimise the risks of diseases & conditions associated with aging.”

With gene analysis you can learn to capitalise on your inherited genetic strengths while managing any inherited weaknesses.

When it comes to aging, your genes can provide crucial information to help you age wisely and age smartly, ensuring you are functioning at the optimal level for your genetics.

If you are new to the concept of gene based testing for seniors, we suggest you explore the Gene Tests pages on the menu.”

Aging Well - It's Never too Late

How we help you

As fellow seniors on the aging journey, Grace and Pip, guide you through the 55plus Wellness Approach. Our longevity in the healthcare field tells us that wellness advice needs to be precise and personalised because we are all genetically unique as individuals, 

We achieve this by using the latest Genomic and Gene Analysis Testing – affordable and practical! The tests empower you to make informed health decisions, improve your life quality, age wisely, manage, prevent or minimise age related conditions.

IMPORTANTLY: we help you interpret your gene analysis results.
AND THEN: we coach you how to utilise your test results and guide you through the aging wisely maze.

You don't have to go it alone, we are here to support you

55plus Wellness differs from other anti-aging websites

Many anti-aging websites obsess with turning back the aging clock, promoting misinformation and unrealistic expectations; basically, a one-size fits all approach.

These sites often promote the inappropriate use of growth enhancing hormones, collagen supplementation, telomere theories, inappropriate exercise & diets; without consideration for safety.

 55plus Wellness uses a Precision Approach: No more guessing! Using the results from your genomic & gene analysis tests, we can personalise a health plan genetically suited for you. 

Your genes tell the truth; they determine the response of your metabolism & muscles, e.g. running is not suitable for everyone.

In short; your personal DNA analysis provides information to help you optimise your eating habits & exercise routines to make the best of the potential Mother Nature has given you.

With this valuable information, a 55plus Wellness Plan, personalised specifically for you, can be created. 

Optimise health in your sunset years

Be guided through the Aging Maze! Age related health conditions are a part of life. We all accumulate a degree of wear and tear whether living an active or sedentary life.

Grace and Pip, seniors themselves, draw upon vast experience in the field of health and wellness. They can show you how to build your toolkit to optimise & restore health & wellbeing in your sunset years.

Your toolkit may contain information about gene analysis testing, nutrition & gut health; aging wisely, finding purpose, re-engaging passion, appropriate exercise, stretching and/or yoga for seniors, and much more.

Get to know your 55plus Wellness Guides

Navigate the Aging Maze with Grace and Pip

Grace (70) & Pip (77), bring a combined 106 years’ experience in health, wellness & outdoor education.

Grace’s Experience:
Dorothy Hall trained Health Practitioner, Botanical Medicine, Author and International speaker including the Health and Wellness Spa Industry, 49 years’ experience in cancer & aging, director of 2 cancer charities (totalling 28 years), organic farmer, horse breeder & dressage rider, kayak paddler, breast cancer survivor, mother of four, grandmother of five.

Pip’s Experience:
Physical Education & Outdoor Education Teacher, yoga & stretch therapy instructor, men’s health, (author) juvenile justice mediator, organic farmer, health food shop owner, competitive sailor, owner of outdoor adventure businesses.
Qualified Instructor in white-water canoeing, kayaking & rafting, windsurfing, snowboarding, alpine skiing & cross-country skiing.

What we offer at a glance

No need to leave home. The saliva tests can be done by you and sent in to the NATA certified lab in Australia


Japan’s best kept gut health secret!

Scientists have confirmed that the gut microbiome plays a significant role in aging. Is it possible to alter your gut microbiome? The answer is YES! Precision Wellness has access to one of Japan’s best kept gut health secrets LACTIS.


Gut Microbiome Test
Measure Gut Health Manage it

If you suffer from bloating, IBS or other gut conditions this is the test for you. Measure your gut microbiome health. The test results allow you to monitor effective changes in diet & lifestyle. Read more

This is a close-up of vegetables and fruits.

Personalised Nutrition.
Test it, Measure it
Manage it

Determine the best diet for you; no more guesswork. Affordable Nutrigenetic Testing enables personalised dietary and lifestyle adjustments according to your genes. May assist with age related conditions. Read More


Medications Sensitivity Test

Are your medications compromising your health? PGx gene test analyses the right medication for the right person at the right time. Affordable; one test for life. Share your results with GP. Read more

Design your Stress Reduction Toolkit
Learn to Chill Out

It's best for seniors to avoid strenuous exercise and be sure that stress reduction exercises are tailored for you. You may wish to consider gentle yoga, tai chi, chi-Qigong, or mindfulness mediation

dreamstime_m_53573907 (2)

Finding your purpose. Reclaiming your passion. Something to live for.

It's important to have something to live for. For some it's wanting to see their grandchildren married, for others it's making a contribution to the community or the wisdom bank as an elder. Read More