Pip and Grace are on a mission to help older Australians maximise

Health, Wellbeing and Quality of Life.

Pip and Grace - a combined 102 years’ experience

Health, Wellness and Outdoor Education

Grace Gawler Brief Bio:

*Dorothy Hall trained health practitioner

*22 years founder/co-director of two Cancer charities

*21 years full-time caregiver & navigator/strategist for cancer amputee

*international public speaker & author of four cancer related books

*multidisciplinary studies – veterinary medicine, naturopathy, psycho-oncology, biology, anatomy, physiology, chemistry and more

*managing a surgically induced colon disability for 20 years

* breast cancer survivor

*in the recent decade, Grace has embraced genomic sciences & precision (targeted) cancer medicine

Grace – Longer Bio:

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At age 15, Grace Gawler worked at the local veterinary surgery after school, weekends & holidays. Before long Grace was administering medicines to animals large and small, changing dressings, reading x-rays & practising surgery under supervision.

At age 21, Grace became the full-time caregiver + navigator for a colleague veterinary surgeon who had lost his leg to bone cancer. This role lasted over 22 years. In this time, as well as 15 years co-directing a large cancer charity, Grace added herbal medicine, naturopathy (at distinction level), anatomy, physiology, chemistry and biology, as well as studies in psycho-oncology in America. Grace routinely sits online oncology tests. 

In 1997, just days after her husband left without notice, Grace received a basic uterine prolapse surgery that went horribly wrong. The resultant nerve damage left Grace with a paralysed colon and rectum. She was not able to go to the toilet again. In the next six years, she endured 18 complex surgeries before subjecting herself to experimental surgery in the Netherlands, in 2003.

Grace now lives with a bionic pacemaker which stimulates peristalsis to her remaining damaged colon. This device needs replacing every 3 to 5 years in Singapore at considerable expense.

With 30 years’ experience referring cancer patients overseas for advanced treatments (when necessary), Grace has built a global alliance of innovative cancer doctors who can provide viable treatment options for patients told in their home countries – there is nothing more we can do.

While there are many excellent testimonials from grateful patients whose lives have been saved or extended, it is the fact that many high performing cancer doctors worldwide, are willing to collaborate closely with her on behalf of her patients – the ultimate testimonial. More than one prominent oncologist, has stated that if diagnosed with cancer, they would enlist Grace Gawler’s support – one said I’d talk to Grace, she has always got a few tricks up her sleeves.

Why you might ask? During her 44 years at the cancer coalface, Grace’s collaborations with so many leading oncologists has given her a benchmark for excellence in cancer medicine. This yardstick means she quickly identifies excellent, good, mediocre or poor oncology – ensuring her patients receive only the best.

And more: Grace devotes considerable time to each patient – more than doctors & oncologists who are limited in modern ‘assembly-line medicine.’ Apart from psychological support that underpins all her consultations, Grace researches widely for her patients. Thus, she never runs out of credible treatment options – even for stage IV patients.

Pip Cornall – Short Bio:

* Physical Education & Health Teacher; 1969 – 1976.

*Outdoor Education Instructor; 1980-2007

*Juvenile Justice Mediator AU & USA 2002-7

*Director of the Grace Gawler Institute; 2010 to present time

*Director/Founder of Prostate Mates; 2011 – to present time ‘Talk about it outdoors” program

*Yoga Therapy Programs for Cancer Patients; 2010 to present

*Founder of the Cancer Survivor Ship with Captain Pip; 2015 to present time

*Conducted 5 day course and group mediation for AIS Olympic Team dealing with gender issues; 2003

Pip – Longer Bio:

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Growing up in the Victorian countryside encouraged Pip into a life of outdoor adventure –  a life filled with mountains, rivers and wide oceans.

At 15, he became a youth leader for the National Fitness Council leading canoe trips and teaching rock climbing skills. He went on to study Physical Education at Melbourne University, specialising in outdoor adventure skills. 

Pip spent his 50s in the mountains of Oregon, USA where he led white-water rafting trips, taught skiing, worked in Oregon schools and at a Juvenile Detention centre. (in the off-season)

Pip married Grace in 2016. Remarkably she was a former PE student of his. (Geelong HS 1970) As a fit elder, now 74, Pip continues to design fitness, well-being & longevity programs for members of the community – more recently specialising in programs for the over 50s.

Pip’s background includes

Physical education teacher & Outdoor Education Instructor

Surf lifesaver – Boat Captain – Trainer

Owner of organic farms and a health food shop

Ski Instructor – Australia & USA – Ski Lodge Owner

White-water Raft Guide – Australia & USA

White-water Kayak Guide – Australia & USA

Swift water rescue, snow & mountain rescue.

Oregon Court Mediator

Peer mediation programs facilitator Oregon schools

Juvenile Justice Convenor (USA & Australia)

Promoted ‘Global Dept of Peace bill with senators and congressmen in the US capital. 2007

Men’s emotional health Programs

Communications & Conflict Resolution

Yoga for Cancer Recovery

Yoga teacher – Yoga Raft Trips