Gene Based Nutrition

You are genetically unique!

Your optimal nutrition can be determined with a gene analysis test

Did you know? 

Based on your genetic makeup, our recommended gene analysis test can provide recommendations as to your daily needs in terms of nutrition and lifestyle.

The report that you will receive is based on scientific findings from the field of nutrigenetics. Nutrigenetics focuses on how changes in a person’s genetic makeup can influence their dietary and lifestyle needs.

Why Test?

Age-related conditions may be associated with your inherited genes. Your genes may thrive better on a nutritional plan  designed according to your unique genetic blueprint.

No more Google guesswork and one size fits all advice:

New gene based analysis tests enable more accuracy and less guesswork to determining your optimal diet based on your unique genetic blueprint.

The personal nutri-genetic guide therefore identifies our specific characteristics and guides us to make science based choices on the path to optimal health and well-being.

No more guesswork.


Your test results will allow you to discover:

  • Your personal need for the most important micro and macro nutrients.
  • How you metabolise nutrients and your response to physical activity
  • If you have inherited high cholesterol, high blood sugar, compromised bone density, and/or are susceptible for being overweight
  • How you metabolise alcohol, caffeine and lactose
  • If you are prone to oxidative stress and inflammation.

Included with your results you will receive a nutrigenetic guidebook:

Your guidebook contains

  • An easy to comprehend guide about the role of genetics and diet.
  • A simplified list of all genes analysed including a description of their role in metabolism.
  • Scientific research on which the analysis is based.
  • Nutritional tables with 200 different foods, information about each food product, caloric value, content of cholesterol, nutrients, minerals and vitamins, all enablng effective planning of meals.

Your personalised analysis contains:

Explanations and coloured presentations of your genetic results.

Personalised dietary and lifestyle recommendations based on your genetic makeup.

Outstanding information to help you make better choices in diet and lifestyle changes.

Our role:

Grace and Pip assist you by organising your gene testing analysis. Follow-up consultations are offered to help you make optimal use of your gene analysis results. 



Be Proactive!


Contact Grace and Pip for further information on how to organise and implement your gene analysis test. 


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