Gene Based Exercise for Seniors

Every Senior is genetically unique!

A gene analysis test can indicate the optimal exercise form for you!

Scientific Breakthrough

Gene Analysis helps Seniors to Safely Personalise Exercise

As it is with nutrition, when it comes to exercise, a one size fits all approach is NOT recommended for seniors.

As we age we may experience wear and tear on joint and muscle tissue, stiffness, balance issues, that impact our ability to exercise.

Gene analysis testing represents a breakthrough to personalise how you can safely exercise. The report provides detailed suggestions of the most appropriate exercise for you, according to your genes. The report also includes recommendations for optimising nutritional and lifestyle changes.

Imagine how you can improve your life quality by knowing

which Exercise is best suited to You!

Exercise According to Your Genes:

  1. oxidative stress
  2. soft tissue injury risk
  3. muscle structure
  4. strength training
  5. aerobic potential
  6. post exercise recovery
  7. heart capacity
  8. muscle volume gene
  9. lean body mass
  10. gene for muscle fatigue
  11. inflammation sensitivity
  12. warrior gene

Science can help you discover the exercise most suitable for you.

Your genetics has a great influence over various components of your exercise capability and post exercise recovery.

Scientists have discovered that a certain type of recreation or exercise can benefit some people, while the influence of it on others can be less than optimal.

All of this strongly depends on your genetic make-up.