Gut Health


Did you know that genetics accounts for less than 30 percent of longevity. Many other factors that change over time, including diet, relationships and more recently, the importance of healthy and dynamic gut bacteria as we age.

Studies have found, for example, that people 65 and older who are relatively lean and physically active have a higher abundance of certain microbes in their guts compared to seniors who are less fit and healthy. Your gut bacteria even impacts the function of your immune system.

Functional Foods

Functional Foods, as the name implies are specifically designed to contribute to healthy function. They play an important role in healthy ageing by helping maintain a balanced gut microbiome and thus supporting the immune system. Unlike many supplements; they can be safely taken in conjunction with most medical drugs; including chemotherapy.

Forty year’s Experience: We have prescribed a Swiss functional food for our cancer patients for almost 40 years – with consistently impressive outcomes.
More recently; we have tested a number of Japanese functional foods; again with impressive results. (We refer many patients to Japan for special treatments and have observed Japan’s leadership in this field)
The Downside of Conventional Supplements: During Grace Gawler’s 46 years experience assisting cancer patients, she has witnessed many cases where supplements have undermined or stopped cancer treatments from working. The research supports our experience.
Despite the hype; most supplements are not natural. They tend to be concentrates of multiple chemicals. As such; there is great potential for negative interactions with medicines, cancer treatments, food and alcohol, and other supplements.
Gut Health: New research shows the potential for concentrated supplements to negatively impact our gut microbiota.
On the other hand; functional foods provide the impetus to improve our gut microbiota by stimulating your so-called good bacteria. Not only do we prescribe functional foods for many of our patients, we take them ourselves. The science behind these foods is very robust; we would not be interested otherwise.

Meantime: To simplify the complex topic of gut bacteria & microbiota, we have created 3 user friendly infographics.

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LACTIS Vs Probiotics

Gut Makeover Infographic

Smart Traveller Infographic