Healthy Aging with Grace Gawler & Pip Cornall

Healthy Aging for Seniors

Let us help you to explore the World of Precision Wellness and Precision Medicine. No more guesswork or trial and error.

Recent mapping of the human genome has opened up new frontiers in wellness, longevity & restorative medicine for seniors.

Personalise your health restoration and be empowered to make informed health decisions with Gene Analysis.

With this information you can choose to improve your life quality, age wisely, manage, prevent or minimise age related conditions.

How to optimise wellbeing in your sunset years.

Grace and Pip can show you how to optimise and restore health & wellbeing in your sunset years.

Age related health conditions are a part of life. We all accumulate a degree of wear and tear living an active life.

Grace and Pip draw upon vast experience in the field of health and wellness to guide you through the Aging Maze!

How we do this: By utilising results from your gene analysis testing; a personalised Health Restoration Plan can be designed for you. We encourage involvement with your GP. 

Why is Precision Wellness for seniors different to other anti-aging websites?

Many anti-aging websites obsess with turning back the aging clock. For example, misinformation on the use of hormones, bodybuilding, inappropriate exercise and diets for seniors is widespread, confusing and potentially dangerous.

Many websites also promote unrealistic expectations. The promotion of lengthening telomeres to reignite the fountain of youth, as yet unattainable, is one such example.

Enter Precision Wellness; so named because of the precise nature of the health information derived from a cocktail of accredited gene analysis tests. 

Whilst each gene analysis test result is extremely valuable as a stand alone; cross referencing from multiple tests enables missing links in the puzzle to fit into place.  

In this way; a more Precise Wellness Plan can be created. 


Grace (Gawler) Cornall & Pip Cornall bring 102 years' experience in health, wellness & outdoor education to Precision Wellness for Seniors

Breakthrough Sciences: Grace (68) & Pip (75), invite you to embrace a new path to optimal health utilising the latest Gene Analysis and DNA testing to help you make very well informed decisions.

Grace’s Experience:
Dorothy Hall trained Health Practitioner, Botanical Medicine, Author and International speaker including the Health and Wellness Spa Industry, 46 years experience in Cancer & Aging, Organic farmer, Horse breeder & Dressage rider, Kayak paddler.

Pip’s Experience:
Physical Education & Outdoor Education Teacher, Yoga & Stretch Therapy Instructor, Men’s Health, (Men’s health author) Juvenile Justice Mediator, Organic farmer, Health food shop owner, Competitive sailor.
Pip is a Qualified Instructor in white-water canoeing, white-water kayaking & rafting, 
windsurfing, snow skiing, snowboarding and XC skiing.