Breakthrough supplement for restoring brain function

Restore and Regenerate Brain Function:

  • Clinically proven brain health benefits
  • Patented extraction technology (patent pending) that produces high purity 
  • Natural, highly safe and pure. Free of heavy metals and preservatives

Highly recommended for:

  • Adults; especially beneficial to the middle-aged and elderly
  • Individuals with poor memory or mental clarity
  • Individuals with brain health concerns, or high risk of brain health degeneration
  • Highly-stressed individuals who are prone to brain fatigue
  • Maintaining and improving brain health

Support Optimal Brain Health Via Various Pathways:

√ Support neuroregenesis (growth of new brain cells)
√ Protect against brain cell death
√ Protect brain cells from oxidative stress
√ Suppress neuroinflammation & accumulation of amyloid β proteins which can damage brain cells
√ Support learning, memory, concentration & other cognitive functions.

These discoveries shine a glimmer of hope for patients with brain health degeneration. Intensive clinical studies confirmed positive results of improvement in cognitive functions (memory, time orientation, place orientation etc.), behavioural symptoms (hallucination, delusion, depression, sleep disorder), facial and emotional response (more sensitive & responsive to their surroundings).